Energy & Telecommunication Services

ENERCOM ALBANIA will strive to offer high quality professional services to its customers honoring and nourishing integrity in the very demanding markets it operates by treating every stake holder with fairness. We will pursue the excellence in our actions being driven by customer satisfaction while building partners loyalty, following closely innovative trends in technology that are in harmony with green nature.

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We Are Enercom SHPK

Energy and Telecommunications Services

  • Enercom SHPK is working seriously to expand its activity by cooperating with foreign investors. By working responsibly, we have managed to provide the right service to all customers. Our perspective on work is focused on meeting customer expectations.
  • Based on the skills that the company has accumulated all these years, we guarantee other works of high standards. The motivation to always achieve even more encourages us to seek perfection.
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What We Offer

Design, installation, consulting, implementation.


• Production - Hydropower, Thermopower, Wind power and PV systems.
• Transmission - Substation, Relay protection, SCADA systems, Transmission Lines 35 kV – 400 kV.
• Distribution – Electric cabins, MV and LV ABC Power Lines, street lighting,
Internal electrical systems, Alarm systems, fire protection systems, Telephony, radiotelephony and TV systems.
• Consultation for electrical energy audit.


• Data Centers,
• Fix and Mobile Networks.
Routers, Switches.
• Servers, Cloud solutions.
• TV Systems: DVB- T, DVB-S.


• Technical & financial consulting.
• Full projecting of PV system.
• Permit application.
• PV system installation (structure, panels, inverters)
• Periodic maintenance.


• Software development and mainteance.
• Database, Middleware, BI, Data Warehouse & SaaS.
• Artificial Intelligence, GIS & WebGIS.
• Internet of Things (IoT) & Cybersecurity

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Newest Products

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BISOL Duplex

BISOL Duplex is significantly higher in terms of module power and conversion efficiency compared to other modules on the market.

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Canadian Solar

HiKu 7 is a high power Dual Cell PERC module with 25years linear power output warranty, which reduce 5.7% BOS cost.

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AXIpremium XXL HC is a high performance solar module 144 halfcell, monocrystalline which guaranteed positive power tolerance from 0-5Wp by individual measurement.

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Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S

The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations.

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Solarstone Tiled Roof

New-builds or renovation projects. Solarstone building-integrated solar panels (BIPV) perform as regular roofing material while harnessing solar energy.

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Next2Sun Agri-PV

The key idea behind the Next2Sun investment concept is the vertical placement of special solar modules, which can utilize solar radiation from both sides.

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Enercharge E-Mobility

EnerCharge and its product family stand for absolute charging comfort with smart handling and a simple operator concept.

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